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Bets Dressed - Super Bowl Sunday - Uniform Matchup, Picks, and Player Props

We made it. Our unofficial national holiday has arrived: it’s Super Bowl Sunday. We've traveled the Road to Sin City and reached our destination. While this Super Bowl rematch may be underwhelming in the uniform matchup department, football games don’t get much better than this one.

If you're anything like me, you've spent the last two weeks watching highlights of Super Bowls from yesteryear. But no more living in the past. It's the last game of the year. Time to live in the moment and enjoy it.

A quick note on (Super Bowl) methodology.

It's the Super Bowl, folks. Let's leave it all on the field. I’m still analyzing the uniform matchup and picking a winner against the spread based on who dresses best. But we've gotta do more than that for the big game.

We're also going team total over for the best dressed team and team total under for the worst dressed team. And my overall judgment of the Super Bowl uniform matchup will dictate whether we go over or under for the game total.

Looking back at Championship Sunday.

An o-fer in the AFC and NFC Championships. Glass half full: it was only two games. 145-131-8 on the year. Let’s finish this season the right way.

Super Bowl LVIII Uniform Matchup.

Uniform Graphics by The Gridiron Uniform Database

49ers at Chiefs. Party like it’s Super Bowl LIV. Other than an additional shoulder stripe and an improved wordmark for the Niners, this is a carbon copy of the Super Bowl uniform matchup from four years ago. While each team has a sharp individual uniform, the overall matchup just does not do it for me. Red overload.* A classic case of two great uniforms combining for an underwhelming uniform matchup. With the matchup getting a thumbs down, let’s bet the under. As for the head-to-head battle, the Niners boast one of the best wardrobes in the league, and their primary road outfit is no exception. The Chiefs are classic in red, but I prefer more contrast. San Francisco is the easy choice. So that means we’re going Niners against the spread, Niners over, and Chiefs under.

Are we in the trust tree? Good. I’m absolutely petrified to be on the opposite side of Patrick Mahomes in this spot. For the life of me, I can’t comprehend how the Chiefs are dogs here. Sure, the Niners have been the buzzsaw of the NFC this season. But they looked far from juggernauts against the Packers and Lions - two games they lose if one or two things break a different way. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are coming off road wins against Top 5 teams in the Bills and Ravens. In addition to the greatness of Mahomes, the Chiefs defense has been a force all season. And they match up well against the Niners. I expect L’Jarius Sneed and Trent McDuffie to frustrate San Francisco pass catchers while Chris Jones has his way with the interior of the 49ers offensive line. But in the Uniform Gods we trust. This is the ultimate legacy game for Kyle Shanahan. For his sake and ours, let’s hope he shakes off the ghosts of postseasons past and has his championship moment.

*While San Francisco does not feature a red helmet, jersey or pants, the red logo, stripes, and numerals pop like crazy throughout the ensemble. It makes for a glorious look (but one better served against teams that aren’t as “red forward” as the Chiefs). I was rooting for the NFL to miraculously allow the Niners to rock the icy white throwbacks to change things up. While that uniform also has red elements, the black drop shadow and stripes dull the red for a more palatable showdown.

The Pick: 49ers -1.5

Bonus Picks: Under 47.5; 49ers Over 24.5; Chiefs Under 23.5

Club SDR - Super Bowl Sunday Player Props.

While things went poorly for Baltimore, two of our three Ravens delivered. 2-1 on the week brought us to 41-22 on the season with only three plays remaining. To say our Single Digit Revolution pickings are slim in this Super Bowl would be an understatement. So, as many teams have done since the early days of the game, we turn to kickers in our most desperate hour and put the foot in football.

Rashee Rice - Over 68.5 Receiving Yards

If it wasn’t clear in the regular season, it’s clear now. The Chiefs have their WR1 of the future, and his name is Rashee Rice. Going back to Week 12, Rice is averaging 82 yards per game (including 74 yards per game in his first three playoff games). Something tells me the Super Bowl stage won’t be too big for him. With the 49ers focused primarily on Travis Kelce, I like Rice to come through for us again and clear the number.

Jake Moody - Over 1.5 Field Goals

Harrison Butker - Over 1.5 Field Goals

Grouping the kickers together because let’s be honest: there’s no real analysis here. The game’s indoors, and these coaches tend to be on the conservative side. But your guess is as good as mine. So let’s hope these dudes make the most of their chances. As Gary Busey said to Keanu Reeves in Point Break: Utah Moody and Butker, get me two!

The Gridiron Uniform Database.

The uniform graphics you see here are courtesy of The Gridiron Uniform Database. If you’ve never paid their site a visit, stop what you’re doing right now and check it out. Best site on the Internet and an invaluable resource to uniform nerds and casuals alike.

Until We Meet Again …

That’ll do it for the Bets Dressed newsletter in the 2023 NFL season. But have no fear, we’ll be back for year three in 2024. The official kickoff will be the 2024 NFL Uniform Wardrobe Power Rankings. But I may have a few things here and there as uniform redesigns and other aesthetic updates trickle out this offseason.

In the interim, you can always find me on X at @fashion_nfl. Don’t be a stranger.

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